I do not track you.

This page is inspired by Laura Kalbag's privacy page. I hate creepy tracking that follows me around the web and invades my privacy. That's why I don't use any analytics, third-party web fonts, or social network buttons that track you.

However, I am interested in the popularity of my blog. This is to help me understand which posts my readers enjoy, and therefore which topics I should continue to write about. I use Netlify Analytics for this purpose.

Netlify Analytics shows me:

  • Page views: instances of my site's pages being served.
  • Unique visitors: different IP addresses engaging with my site (though I cannot actually see your IP address).
  • Top locations: locations where my site has had the most page views.
  • Top pages: pages of my site that have had the most page views.
  • Top resources not found: resource requests for my site that returned the most 404 errors.
  • Top sources: URLs that generated the most traffic to my site.
  • Bandwidth used: how much data Netlify's CDN has served for my site.

This is all gathered on the server. There is no client-side JavaScript or cookies that gather personally identifiable information.

More about Netlify Analytics.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at kieran@barker.codes.