Bisexual Pride

The user experience is infinitely more important than the developer experience. I understand the appeal of using your favourite tools, but this should never be at your users’ expense.

As Jeremy Keith puts it in Resilient Web Design:

When I’m confronted with a problem, and I have the choice of making it the user’s problem or my problem, I’ll make it my problem every time. That’s my job.

In Building accessible websites and apps is a moral obligation, my friend Chris Ferdinandi puts it like this:

This is your fucking job.

You won’t get it 100% perfect. It’s pretty much impossible. But you need to care. You need to try. You need to educate yourself.

You wouldn’t tolerate a builder who didn’t bother reading the building code or educating themselves on how to properly build a house.

So why is that OK for us as builders of web things?

I put it this way:

If you’re going to do anything in life, you should do it properly—especially if you’re supposed to be a professional.

As Gordon Ramsay would say… Have some fucking pride!