Regular expressions are powerful. But they're fucking hard to write, and even harder to read. So I thought I'd share my favourite resources. I hope they're helpful! ❤️

These are NOT affiliate links. They're just resources I use personally.

Regular Expressions in JavaScript

There's a fantastic course on Treehouse called Regular Expressions in JavaScript. It gave me a solid foundation.

If you don't have an account, you can get a week's free trial, which is plenty of time to complete the course. It's ~90 minutes long.

Regular expression syntax cheatsheet

There's a really handy syntax cheat sheet in the MDN Web Docs. It helps a lot when you're writing your own regular expressions.

RegEx Pal

RegEx Pal is a fantastic tool that lets you test your regular expressions in real time. I use it in conjunction with the syntax cheat sheet.

i Hate Regex

My buddy Robert Young showed me this one.

i Hate Regex is a list of regular expressions for common patterns like dates, phone numbers, and email addresses.