A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I've been reading TypeScript in 50 Lessons. I like that in Chapter 1, Lesson 6, Baumgartner pays his respects to jQuery:

Installing Ambient Library Declarations

Ambient declarations are not only useful for global flags but also if you have functions and objects that you expect to exist. One example would be jQuery! Yes, the one JavaScript library that has taken web development by storm. And which is still widely used by millions but has somehow fallen from grace in the last couple of years.

But hey, many people owe their careers to jQuery. So let’s show a little gratitude and use it for demo purposes in our simple ship’s storage program.

I love this!

It's good to remember how far vanilla JS has come thanks to jQuery. The document.querySelector() method, for example, was directly inspired by the ease of element selection in jQuery. And I'm sure the same goes for others, like the Array.prototype.forEach() method, which was almost certainly inspired by the jQuery.each() method.

I'll leave you with a quote from Brad Frost...

That depressing realization that the thing you're slogging through in a modern JS framework could have taken you 10 minutes in jQuery.